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Year 5

To start our Internet Safety work, we discussed what a password was. We looked at why we have them and what they protect. 

After this we spoke about what makes a strong password and what makes a weak password - a weak password meaning something that may be easy to guess. 

We then played "Wrong or Strong" looking at what passwords were strong and good enough to have and what passwords were wrong making them a password that would be too easy to guess. 

We then created our own strong password - things that included a mixture of characters - numbers, uppercase and lowercase and symbols. We also made sure that what we used as a password had no relation to us - no names, no dates of birth etc. 

After looking at strong and weak passwords, we then looked at a profile of a girl called Fiona. This was a public profile and showed examples of the different social media platforms that she was using. Because he profile was public, this meant that anybody could see it - not just her friends or family. 

We looked at each post that she had done to see what we could learn about her. We then answered the question:

Has she shared too much?

After looking at all the posts Fiona had done, we decided that she had shared too much personal information including her school, her date of birth and what her house looked like and we agreed that these things should not be shared on a public profile that everybody can see. 

We then created a new public profile for Fiona. We shared information that we thought was safe to share but then we also kept safe the personal information we knew we shouldn't share.