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Key Stage Two

Make A Noise!

Year 3 wore odd socks to celebrate everyone being unique. We designed our own odd socks and completed a written explanation of what our socks showed about us and why our socks weren’t the same.

Year 4

Year 4 wore odd socks to celebrate everybody being unique. We created use own pair of odd socks to remember why we wear them. 

Year 5

In Year 5 we focused on how God made each of us special, individual and unique. This identify we have is who we are and we should be proud of that. Our odd socks represent this uniqueness. We started off by taking part in a virtual assembly and then we moved onto discussing how we each have special qualities that should be celebrated.

In groups we talked through who we could tell if we witnessed bullying or were being bullied ourself. 

We can up with some things we could do to ‘Make Noise’ about bullying. 


We designed socks that should a design of our choice and on the reverse wrote why we are unique. 

Year 6

During Anti-bullying week the children have been wearing odd socks and also taking part in the anti-bullying song ‘Make A Noise.’ We read the lyrics and listened to the song before performing as a class.

We have also looked at and discussed a range of scenarios which link to bullying and discussed if this is bullying and how it could also be resolved.  Please take a look.

In year 6, we coloured in one of Pudsey's spots each time we read in school. It turns out we do lots more reading than we thought!