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To understand how and why the Romans came to invade Great Britain we completed a lot of research all about Julius Caesar. We collect information and created a fact file to answer these 4 questions: 

  • Who was Julius Caesar?
  • When did he invade Britain?
  • Why did his first invasion attempt fail?
  • Why did Julius Caesar want to invade Britain?
We then did further research to look at the other attempts of invasion from the other leaders. We compared who the leader was, the date and if this invasion attempt was successful or not. We also looked at what happened during this invasion to make it successful or unsuccessful. 

In our music sessions, we are looking at how much has changed in Great Britain over the past 100 years. We are listening to different genres of music and looking at how that genre of music made us feel. 

The first music we appraised was music from the 1920s, 30s and 40s. We looked at certain composers and how a live band with instruments was very popular. We also looked at the dance "The Charleston" which was often danced to this music.