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Our rules for school and safety

When we came back to school in September, we had anew classroom with lots of new things. We talked about rules and why they are important. We takled about Coronavirus. (MW)


We had to think of 3 class rules with the title  READY, SAFE, RESPECT. (SJ)


We made the rules about respecting space - social distancing -not getting too close to anyone. (TC)

We made the rule to beat the teacher to be ready (NS)

We made the rule to wash our hands for 20 seconds to show the virus respect (AC)


We then talked alot about what we had done in lockdown. My friend had learnt to ride a bike and so had our teacher. (MP)

Some children told us about their parents having to work at the hospital during lockdown. We were all happy to come back to school. (FB)


We listened to story 'Here Come the Aliens' and we wrote to them telling them how to stay safe if they came to earth at the moment. It was fun we drew our own aliens with messages. (SJ)


We watched Charlie and Lola and talked about feelings and what can make us happy and sad. 


Here are some of our pieces of work.

Our examples of PSHE work