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Session 1-Self Esteem

We listened to a story about self-esteem.  We answered some questions about the main character.  The children have thought about what is unique about them and what they are proud of. 
I like strawberries Lucy 

I like my hair Thea

I can ride my bike without stabilisers. Sidney

I like outdoors. Harry

We then went in the hall to play some games.

In Session 2 we talked about kindness.  We watched a video about kindness and thought about how the characters showed kindness.  The children noticed that when a kind thing was done the character became coloured.

It makes people feel happy Kiki

Everyone should be kind Thea.



The children played a driving game using a beanbag.  In some moves they had to swap their beanbags with each other and throw and catch between them.  They had to show kindness in case there was somebody who didn’t have a partner. 

In Session 3 it was all about teamwork.  We read a story about some people had a to work as a team to carry a rock.  They did it and they felt better in the end as they had worked as a team.  
We then tried to work as a team to make a jigsaw.  To start with some of the children just wanted to do it themselves and then they realised that doing it as a team was actually better. 

After this we went in the hall to play some team games.  We had to work as a team to go to the right places.  A few of the children need to work on their listening as a few people followed each other instead of listening to instructions. We then had to get into teams to row the boats.