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Year Six

Thursday 18th January 2024 


Today we had Andrea visit us again from Mini Medics. 
We had a quick recap on what we learnt last year when Mini Medics came in too.

We recapped the recovery position and which order things needed to be done in order to help someone.

Some of the children’s verbal responses after the session included:


“We also learnt about CPR and demonstrated this. 5 breaths, 30 compressions, 2 breathes, 30 compressions.”

“Then practised how to help someone when they are choking. We put our arms round them and recreated the movement that would help them. This was called the abdominal thrust.”

 “When you burn yourself you put cling film over the burn.”

“If you have an injury and you are waiting for an ambulance you can sit behind someone’s back to keep them up straight.”

The mini medics session involved how to respond to any accident that may happen when you are their first or even on your own. 
We discussed how to ask for help if you are first on the scene and how we could stop traffic. 
We also learnt how to behave during an incident including trying to stay calm and not panic. We discussed how we need to know our own address with postcode and how to describe where an incident is - near any well known landmarks, names of parks or schools.