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Year 5

Dressing up

Some of us decided to dress as a book character. We had a wide range of different characters and the class presented their costume with their reason why they had chosen it. We had Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh, Violet Beauregarde from Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Harry Potter, Greg Hefley from Diary of a Wimpy Kid and many many more.


"I chose Luna Lovegood because she's quirky like me." pupil 1


"I'm dressed as Tom from Beast Quest because I really enjoy reading them. I've read nearly all of them." pupil 2 


"I'm Willie from Goodnight Mr Tom. We're reading it in class, that's why." pupil 3 



Picture News

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We learnt about World Book Day and then generated our own questions in groups. We put all of our questions together to create a survey and then went to ask the other classes. Next year, we would like to have some more competitions to get people involved that don't read much. 

Book Swap

We brought in books from home that we had read and finished with, to swap with other children. 

“It’s a really good idea and good for the environment too!“ Pupil 1 


“I enjoyed this. I got a book I wanted for ages.” Pupil 2 

Receiving a letter from Lindsay Littleson

We received a letter from our Lindsay Littleson (author of Titanic Detective Agency). We read it aloud then read the first chapter of Titanic Detective Agency. We enjoyed it! We each wrote our responses to the chapter and shared them together as a class. We then wrote her a letter back. 

Animating our favourite book characters

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Scavenger Hunt in the library

We played a hunt in the library. We worked in our House Teams. Maybe you could play too when you go to the library. 


Find me a book with a Scottish author...

Find me a book about a little girl who loves reading...

Bring me a book written by Terry Dreary...

Bring me a book set in Westmore School...

Bring me a non-fiction book that would demonstrate how to make an electrical circuit. 

Quiz with Terry Dreary

We took part in a live quiz with Terry Dreary. 

We showed us round the British Museum whilst asking us questions about the Rotten Romans. We have read this book before in Year 3 and we enjoyed it. 

Listening to David Baddiel read his new book

Author talk with Jen Carney

We joined an author talk with Jen Carney, author of The Day my Dog got Famous. 

She read an extract from her new book and showed us the cover of her other books. She explained the importance of reading the blurb before choosing a book. She showed us how to draw quick cartoon characters to go with our stories. Above you can see our notes from her talk, some of our cartoons, how to create your cartoon character name and you an see us engaging with the author online. 

“I thought it was good how she showed us how to make a little book from a cereal box. And then the drawings too. I’m going to do this at the weekend.” Pupil 1


”She wrote her first book when she was 8. So I can do it too.” Pupil 2