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Year 4

We started our Online Safety this half term by investigating our Health, well-being and Lifestyle unit. As a class we had to see how technology can sometimes get in the way of reality and real life. We discussed how because being online is so important to many people, we forget about the real things. 

“The days, people would take a picture of the drink before they drink it and put it on social media” - HJ


”If you were actually making a hot drink while on your phone, that could be quite dangerous” - MM

We then worked together through our Tech VS Life activity. We had a pile of real life cards and technology cards and we had to turn one of each over at a time. We then wrote the positives and negatives of these two things being put together.

We all agreed that things like, having a walk and messaging a friend aren’t too bad - but the phone becomes a distraction from spending time with that person. 

We then moved on to our Managing Online Information unit. Here we looked at bots. 

“Alexa is a bot - you ask her a question and usually she can find the answer” - EA


”You can usually ask your phone to do things as well” - MH


We read through 2 conversations - both conversations were conversations were a customer service conversation, one was with a bot and one was with a real life person. At first it was quite hard to see which was the bot and which was the real person. 

After we added more of the conversation, we were able to realise which was the bot and which was the person.

“A bot wouldn’t do a typo - it is a robot so it would know all spellings” - YA


”The bot also would not say about talking to a colleague because a bot wouldn’t have them” - DS

We then created our own conversations like our class example to see if our partner could work out which was the bot and which was the real person.