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2020- 2021


Year 6 Autumn 1, Life as a Journey 

In R.E we have been discussing how life is like a journey. We have drawn our own life road map and compared it to biblical characters. Some children noticed a connection between the character they studied and themselves. We will continue to talk about pilgrimage and how a persons journey can start at any time. 

Year 6, Advent - Autumn 2

We have been building our knowledge on the symbolism of Advent, the Christingle and who is important in the nativity story. Year 6 have been understanding how different denominations, particularly Mary within the Catholic Church, celebrate Christmas. 

Year 2- Easter poem 🐣

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Year 2- Easter Presentation

This week we have been looking at the events of Easter. The children have been giving presentations all about The Crucifixion and Resurrection. 

Reception-Making Eid cards

Children chose to make Eid cards for their friends.

Year 2- Cross building

This week we have been learning about the 40 different types of crosses and building them outside. 

Year Two

have been learning about the Christmas Story and the message from the Angels. Children shared their thoughts and views. They then independently recorded their understanding.


examples of our work

Leading Teams

Reception-Making Easter Gardens

Real Life

Year 2 Nativity!

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