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PE and Sport Vision Statement


At St Peter’s, physical education plays a great part in everyday life. All children from the EYFS through to Key Stage 2 take part in physical activity to develop the love of participation in sport and to unlock their full potential.

Children develop the fundamental movement skills of agility, balance and coordination and apply these in competitive games situations against others and themselves. Independently, this allows children to push themselves and have the endurance and confidence to reach new targets and scores within their sporting activities.

They have choices within many areas of PE, linking to skills and drills in game situations and having the opportunity to create their own routines and sequences in gymnastics, dance and "bootcamps".

Children show respect within PE and great sportsmanship is reflected in all areas. Within physical education, children will get the opportunity to take on leadership roles where they are able to practice encouragement and fairness within teams - following and giving instructions.

Coaches that come to St Peter’s allow the children and teachers to learn new skills and knowledge together in different areas of physical activity and sport with new sports to deepen knowledge further. This gives children and teachers new opportunities for extra-curricular activities.

As a healthy school, St Peter’s promotes a healthy lifestyle of diet and nutrition and highlights how important it is for children to stay active in their day to day life.

At St Peter’s, we encourage children to have the enjoyment of taking part in sport but also to understand the importance of physical activity within their life.    


Y4 Choosing which tackle to use

In a game, year 4 players had to decide whether a jab tackle or a block tackle was more appropriate in enabling them to gain the ball. 

Y4 Measuring our attempts so we can set a new challenge


Reception-Great job bouncing a basket ball!

Reception-great job shooting in the net!

We practised throwing and catching the ball.

Leading Teams

Y2 worked in groups to create stormy or calm waves. We also created actions for sea creatures

Y4 Orienteering

Real Life

Y4 Found out the elements that a choreograph uses to create a dance.