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Year Three

This week we have been looking at empathy and what this means.


Child 1- “Empathy is looking through someone else’s eyes.”

child 2- “Empathy is thinking about what someone else might be feeling.”


we played a guessing game where we took turns at guessing the emotion being shown to us and discussing how this character might feel.

We have looked at famous sports people who have shown empathy even when they were competing against each other.

This week we have been looking at the value of respect and what this might look like in our school and our community. We have created a list of everyone who has shown us respect inside and outside of school and what they have done to show us respect.

We looked at rugby and how the players and the fans show respect in a real game. We noticed that the fans from each team sat together and shook each others hand at the beginning and end of each game.