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Year 6

Year 6

In Year 6, we have been focusing at staying safe online. We have watched videos which highlight which teach us about making friends online and what do to if we receive negative messages through social media and other formats.

Children were asked what they now know after watching the videos.


 Emily - Year 6, "I know that if you see someone online and you do not know them then you must not answer as they could be pretensing to be someone they are not."

Oscar - Year 6, "Try not to be gullable because if someone asks you a question you think is strnage they may be prentending." 

Oliver W - Year 6, "I know that people don't have to be truthful all the time so on the internet you need to not do what anyone says beacuse they could lie and decieve you."


We have also answered the following questions:

What do you use the internet for?

How do we stay safe online?

Explain the positives and negatives of the internet. 

Here are some of our answers.

We have created posters and quizzes in order to encourage safety online and improve our knowledge on how we can do this.