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Real Life

Evaluation of our cooking

Each of us evaluated our vegetable turnovers and made suggestions for if we would make our turnovers again. Some of us would add meat, some would add salt to the water of the boiling vegetables. 

“I know why the vegetables have to be diced to the same size - so it cooks evenly” Harriet. 

“I know how to dice vegetables properly” Hannah. 

“I know how to make pastry, I didn’t know that this morning” Aadhya 


Cutting, peeling and dicing to make a savoury dish

As part of our WW2 theme we cooked vegetable turnovers. We prepared the vegetables by using our chopping and dicing skills. 

Finished product Fashion Show

Using pattern pieces to measure and create our fabric pieces

“I’ve added on my tabs so I can sew my bits together but it doesn’t get smaller” pupil 1


“I made my paper pieces first.” pupil 2