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Real Life

For part of our DT, year 4 has the opportunity to take part in a cooking lesson at Broughton High School. This was led by Mrs Newton and we had some of the year 8 pupils help us.

First we looked at what we were cooking and some health and safety.

“We need to wash ur hands before cooking and making things” - FDS


We then talked about how we were going to make bread and we had a discussion around what herbs we could put into our bread as well.
The different herbs we could use were mint, chives, thyme and rosemary. 

“We knead the bread because it helps the dough hold the shape” - DS

”The dough rises in the oven when we bake it” 


While our bread was in the over, we then iced some cakes to take home as an extra treat. 

We finished off our visit by writing down new words we had heard today on our bags to then take our treats home. 

“I really enjoyed cooking. I put mint into my bread and I made it into a plait shape. I had to split the dough into 3 equal sections” - YA

”I learnt how to knead bread” - ON

”Carbon dioxide is what causes and helps the bread to rise” - TR

Before designing our own light up card, we looked at existing products. We looked at if they lit up, their overall design and decided if we liked it or not.