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Year 2

The Online Safety theme we are focusing on is - Online Relationships 

We learnt about how someone might use technology to communicate with others we don’t know offline and why this might be risky. 

We began by having a discussion about ‘What does online mean?’ 
- ‘When you play online with your friends’ - O

- ‘When you are using the internet’ - Jaxon

- When you play games on the computer - Mille 

- ‘Online is when you talk to friends and family’ - Ali 

- ‘When you watch YouTube.’ - Harlen

- ‘You can search the internet’ - Sophie 

- ‘My mum uses it to buy things’ - Mark 

As a class, we also discussed ‘Is it ok to communicate with people we don’t know?’ 
- ‘No because someone might pretend to be someone else.’ - Bhuvan 

- ‘No because you might be talking to a stranger’ - Sophie 

- ‘No they might end up hacking your computer and give you a virus.’ - HC

We also discussed the people that we know and people that we know but not that well. 
We came up with the following:

We then discussed about the people we can communicate with online. Here are the people we communicate with.

From this lesson, ‘I learnt that we should not talk to people we don’t know.’ Joel 


‘We shouldn’t play online games with people we don’t know online.’ Conor 


We worked independently to complete a table to describe the different people we might use technology to communicate with, what technology we might use and why we should communicate that way.