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Today it was Internet Safety Day, we learned about peer on peer abuse. I found out that was when a person who you might know is mean to you, this can be online or anywhere. (PB)


Peer on peer abuse can make you feel very worried, upset, furious. You might feel scared about what is happening it can be physical as well as verbal and it can be online. (ZA)


I found out that you might not know that this is happening, because not all abuse will hurt you. People might make comments about you that might be about your clothes, or the way you look, or about things that you like. I think this is mean and not nice (TC)


We had some stories about Webster, he was a spider and he did lots of silly things online. He sent emails, he was rude with his friends, he gave personal things like his real name away. Our teacher asked us to think about the mistakes that he made and there were loads. We said you should not tell anyone about where you live or your name. We then met Webster's friend Spikey. He was a spider and people were bullying him. We talked about his feelings and his feeling buckets. (DF)


I drew Spikey the spider and in the middle I wrote peer on peer abuse and then I put his feelings on his legs. (AS)


Here are some examples of the work we did. We hope you enjoy it.




We learned not to give away personal information and not to make up stories. (OB)


I learned that it is not right for someone to be cruel to me face to face or using the internet. I know to tell a trusted adult. The trusted adults are my mum, my dad, my grandma, my teachers and even my best friend. (BP)