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Year Four

We learnt how to do basic first aid today with Sian from the charity Heartbeat. 


When you see someone in trouble the first thing  you need to do is check if there is any danger around. - Lottie 


Then you need to shout for help. - Grace 


You should check if the casualty is breathing. If they're breathing it's a good sign. -Thomas 


If they're not breathing you need to put them into the recovery position. You remove their glasses and put the hand closest to you in a right angle. Then you carefully put their furthest hand on their cheek and their furthest knee up. Then lever them over to you so they don't choke on their tongue. - Aydan

Farm to Fork

In this session we learnt that foods are either plants or animals. We know which meats come from which animals and where certain fruits and vegetables grow. 

We know that not all fruits and vegetables are grown in the UK and most have to be shipped in from other countries. 

We revised the food groups and talked about suitable portion sizes. We then designed a healthy meal that had foods from all food groups. 

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