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Healthy Schools Heartbeat - What's under my skin?

On Tuesday 17th April, we had a special visit from Sian who is part of Heartbeat. 

While she was with us we looked at what was under our skin and throughout her visit we filled in a booklet adding facts all about the different organs we looked at. 


We first looked at all the blood vessels and the heart. We learnt that veins take blood to the heart and the arteries take blood away from the heart. 

If our bodies are not healthy enough, for example if we smoke or if we eat too much fatty foods, these vessels can become smaller and clogged up meaning oxygen can not get to where it needs to be quick enough. 


The pictures below show the heart and its chambers, 5lbs of fat and also 2 blood vessels - a healthy one and an unhealthy one. You can see how much slower the blood goes through the clogged up vessel. 

We then looked at the brain. 


Sian showed us that it is split into 2 halves. A funny fact was that the left side of the brain controls the right side of our body and the right side of the brain controls the left side of our body!


We learned that our brain is the size of 2 fists together and our brain is smaller than an adults but our brain grows as we grow. 

Then we looked at the lungs and how important they are and how they work with the heart when transporting oxygen. 


We ran on the spot for 1 or 2 minutes to show how when we exercise, the lungs and heart work harder to get the oxygen to our muscles that are working throughout the exercise. We then could feel our heart beating faster and our breathing getting heavier. 


Then we looked at how we can ruin our lungs by smoking. Sian show us a jar or tar which collects in your lungs if you smoke. She then showed us how black your lungs can go if you have too much tar in them. 

May 24th 2018.


We had a visit from Sian from Heartbeat. Sian came to teach us what was under our skin. She asked about the organs and we had to list and label all the organs under the skin. Today we learnt that our lungs are important but I also found out an amazing fact that the lungs are protected by the rib cage and they are positioned between the collar bone and the bottom of the rib cage, which is a massive area on my body. Sian showed us tar and explained that this tar sticks to your lungs if you were to smoke. (something I won't be doing.) I also learned that when your lungs don't work fully it puts pressure on your other organs especially your heart. (ES)


Today was brilliant and Sian was exciting. My heart I already knew where it was positioned in my body, but I didn't know about the arteries and veins. Sian gave the class away to remember the functions of the veins and arteries. Arteries begin with an ( A) so that means they are away from the heart and the Veins have the work (in) in it which means they bring the oxygenated blood back to our heart. (HY)


I found out today that the brain has two sides to it and that each side controls the opposite side of the body. One side is slightly bigger than the other as well. Our brain is protected by the skull, which I already knew, but did you know that the brain has fluid around it and that fluid acts as a cushion to stop our brain hitting our skull. (RR)

Our pictures of the visit by Sian