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Year Five

Year 5 first looked at two pictures from previous coronations and looked at what things they could spot that were the same.

These pictures were from the coronations of Elizabeth I and Elizabeth II. We noticed that they were both wearing important clothes, holding important things and wearing important things on their heads!

We then looked at the word “coronation” and what word meant. Corona = meaning crown and Tion = meaning “to do”.

We then took part in 3  Coronation club lessons looking at the history of history of Westminster Abbey, the history of The Tower of London and also the Coronation Regalia. 

We took part in the quizzes that were in the lessons and also learnt a song to remember the Regalia.

Coronation Ragalia

Still image for this video

After this, we then looked at the order of service of the coronation and put these stages in order. We discussed how the coronation is such a momentous occasion. 

“The King has to give his commitment to the country and the church” - PW


”The coronation is a religious service as well because it is in the Abbey” - RP

We then created some of our own flags to help us celebrate at the weekend.

Miss Smith then set us a task for the coronation. 
To take pictures of the order of service and the Coronation Regalia when we see it on the TV and send them in. See below all the pictures we took at home.

(The cheese in some pictures is because Miss Smith asked for a "cheesy" picture with our flags so we thought outside the box!)