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Real Life

In History we have been exploring old and new toys.  We have talked about our favourite toy.  What does it look like?  Who do you like it?  We then used the Museum Loan to explore some old toys.  

"A lot are made of wood" Dougie

"They look dirty" Zidan

"They don't make any noise with batteries" Alice

We then worked on deciding if the toys were old or new.  A lot of us knew which were old and some of us could tell us why.

The other day it was very icy outside.  We went for a walk to look for the signs of winter.

It is so pretty - Libby

Cold - Ishaq

We need to wear our coats and hats - Yusuf

We need to have gloves on so our hands don't get cold - Alice.

It is melting in my hand. - Zidan

It will melt in the sun too - Dougie


We celebrated Pancake Day this year.  We learnt about the ingredients, how to read a recipe and used lots of different words to describe the method of making them.  These words included sieve, measure, stir, whisk cook and flip.


We tasted them with lemon and sugar.



I love them

I don't like them.


I want more.  


These were the things that the children said as we were tasting them.

Today we went into the school grounds and found some signs of spring.  We found some blossom.

That is so pretty!! Steve

We saw some new leaves.

We noticed some daffodils growing and some daisies on the grass.