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In lesson 5, we worked in our table groups to create two bars of 4 using crotchets and minims. One group also had a semibreve and one group also had a rest of two beats. 
We had a choice how to set these out as long as they were two bars of 4 beats.


After reading about what the classroom was like back in the Victorian times, we could design our own using the information we had learned. We had a choice of using some pictures or drawing everything ourselves. 
We made sure we wrote down key facts about the Victorian classroom down in our work as well. 


Within our class novel “Charlotte’s Web”, we investigated speech and the use of dialogue between two characters.  We looked at one of the first conversations Wilbur and Charlotte had. We looked at the use of punctuation and how we also use split dialogue. 
After highlighting the speech of the two characters, we then created a new conversation that Wilbur and Charlotte could have had, remembering the punctuation rules and also attempting split dialogue. 


In our science, we chose different materials to show how metals are good conductors of electricity. We saw this by the bulb lighting up when we attached it within our circuit. 
Paper clips, coins, hair clips and tin foil acted as good electrical conductors.