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School Council

We have met as a School Council and we have talked about the words and ideas for our rules and our child friendly policies. We have shared this with our class and they are in our classrooms.

4.3.24 Meeting

Today we reviewed our child friendly policies. We went through what we did in our previous meeting. We then talked about what types of clubs we would like to have in school. Some of these clubs included dance, different sporting clubs and music club. We then discussed ways in which we could help our local community by fundraising. We decided that we would talk to our class friends and make a list of ideas to fund raisse, ready for our next meeting.


Written by LT and YA


Today we met again and shared ideas on what our schoo uniform should be like. We then went over which charities our classes had thought about and how we could then raise money. It was decided that each class would complete a tally chart voting system and we would then report back at our next meeting. 

We also decided to gain more ideas about changes to uniform and bring them to the meeting as well.


Written by LT

Friendship Leaders