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I wonder why you put the woman back in the vinegar bottle?

I put the woman back in the vinegar bottle because she wasn't being content or thankful wherever she lived. 


I wonder why you didn't give the old woman a warning that you would put her back in the vinegar bottle if she wasn't content? 

I didn't give her a warning because if I had told her, she would have been thankful to me but wouldn't be thankful to everyone else. She needed to learn her lesson. 


I wonder why you let the woman have so many houses? Why were you so generous? 

I was generous because I wanted to see if she was thankful. When I realised that she wasn't I sent her right back to where she came from. 


I wonder why you told the old woman that she had to turn around and close her eyes?  

The magic would only work if she completed the magic task. 


How did you manage to get the old woman to fit back inside of the vinegar bottle?

When the old woman turned around three times she shrank to fit back inside of the bottle. 


Questions for the old woman:


I wonder why you were never content in any of the houses? 

I was never content because the bottle was unusually large, the row of houses were too small and I was too posh for the row house.


I wonder why you wanted to give up the vinegar bottle? 

To bottle was too small and it felt like vinegar.