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Year Four

Mr Riding’s visit to class

After his visit to the Coronation ceremony, Mr Riding came into our classes to talk us through what happened on the day.

He told us why he was awarded his BEM medal because of his charity work within Leyland. He showed us the invitation he received which we thought was beautiful. We noticed the painted flowers as the ones on Queen Camilla’s dress. He talked us through the security procedures before he was able to get in to the Abbey. It was a long day for him with not many toilet breaks. He saw lots of important people in politics and also celebrities.

We asked him some questions based on the British Values;


Respect - Did you HAVE to bow to the King and Queen? No, you didn’t have to but everyone there was someone who showed an allegiance to the King and Queen in the past so we all did bow. 

Tolerance - What did you have to ensure to receive your invitation to the ceremony? Graham had done many years of charity fundraising to support his local community and then received a BEM medal from Queen Elizabeth. After continued charity work and still working as a civil servant, Graham was selected as one of the few people to receive an invitation to King Charles III coronation. 

Rule of Law - What rules were there on the day that you needed to follow? There were many rules. From being able to not using a mobile phone at certain times, dress codes, security procedures so you can get in. 

Individual Liberty - Were you told where you could sit? Were you told what to wear? Yes there was a dress code, it was a morning suit. You could sit where ever you wanted so long as the seat had not been reserved for politicians and celebrities. 

Picture News

We used photos of past coronations to learn about things we might see in this year’s coronation.

We matched images, name labels and descriptions of the symbolic objects that are used in the crowning ceremony.

We read this book as a class. We enjoyed learning new facts. We answered some questions.

Alice - “I was surprised that he could play the cello.”


Emmanuel - “I didn’t know there was a frog named after him!”



We pencil sketched images of Charles