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Week Two

This week we made cheesy biscuits.

We needed to cut the butter into small pieces to be able to rub the flour and the butter together. When it was finished it looked like crumbs. (EW)

You had to be careful with the knife when cutting the butter because the butter was slippy. (MH)

The butter was soft, because the weather was warm and this made it hard to cut into small chunks. (DS)

I liked it because I got to mix the flour and the butter togehter, it went smooth when the egg was added.(AO)

The egg made the crumbs stick together it was like glue. (JG)

We then added grated cheese and mixed it again, after that we rolled out the dough and used a cutter to make the shape of the biscuit. (AI)


I enjoyed making the cheedy biscuits. I mixed eggs, butter, flour and cheese. Then rolled them out with a rolling pin. As well we used our hands to rub the mixture togehter and used cutters to make the shapes. The grown ups put them in the oven. After that we wrapped them in foil to take home. It is now time to EAT! (ZC)