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Real Life

January 2024

We have been outside for a winter walk and observed what we saw. We carefully drew small details and used the colour that we saw too. Then we compared these to our work in Autumn. 

March 2024

We have been learning all about the different parts of our bodies. We play lots of games in class like Simon Says.

April 2024

We have been learning about the different seasons. On our spring walk we found buds in all stages of development. The children noticed that they saw buds in winter too but they were much smaller and now the leaves are starting to grow from the buds.

We used the magnifying glasses to observe closely.

“The buds were starting to grow.” ES

”I noticed the buds are green and some of them were brown. The buds are brown in winter and in spring they’re going green.” AA

”I noticed that some of the buds were bursting and I saw a little bit of leaf and some of them were still inside the buds.” CO

”The new green leaves had a little bit of hair on them.” SB

”The new leaves were fluffy.” JH

”They were soft, smooth and fluffy.” CO