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Nursery 2021-22


Welcome to the new year.  It is lovely to welcome back some of our children and to meet our new starters.  We are looking forward to having a good year with lots of learning and fun.  We strive to give your children real life experiences, encourage their independence ready for school, develop team work/friendship and give them the choice of learning provision in the setting both indoors and outdoors.


This term we are going to be learning about:-


People who help us



Bonfire Night 


Christmas including the Nativity


We will be also be planning from the children's interests at the same time.


Spring Term 2022

Autumn Term 2021

Parents and Children Together Reading Project September 2021

The children have been completing their initial assessment for the PACT project.  The parents will be receiving some training in October before it starts.

Archived work 2020-21

Welcome to Peter's Rabbit Nursery 2020-21

In Nursery this year we have been learning lots of things involving real-life, working as a team and trying to give the children opportunities for developing independence through choice.  We give the children lots of experiences including understanding of the world, expressive arts and design and their physical development. These are portrayed through topics that come from the children's interests.  For example travel and transport, bears and minibeasts.


There are lots of different examples of what we have been learning in the sub sections below.  


Intent Drivers Spring 2

Intent Drivers Spring 1

Intent Drivers Autumn 2