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Year 1 listened to Gustav Holst's 'Mars' and drew their interpretation of the music. They thought about the shapes that they drew and why they had chosen to use those.


We then discussed the instruments that they could hear.


Xander - I think there was a drum. I heard a crashing noise too.

Chimamanda - I could hear a violin.

Jonathan - I heard trumpets. They were loud sometimes.

Libby - Sometimes the music was gentle but sometimes it was loud.


Year 1 also listened to ‘Venus’. They compared and contrasted the two pieces of music.

Words we used to describe Mars:

Scribbly ~ Xander

Fast Tempo ~ Emilie 

Loud ~ Arya 

Scary ~ Dougie 

Angry ~ Myles 



Words we used to describe Venus:

Floating ~ Sienna

Careful ~ Darcy 

Christmassy ~ Xander 

Calm ~ Libby

Joyful ~ Jonathan