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Leading in Teams

Begin to understand seasonality. Understand foods grown in the UK and wider world

In our groups we sorted foods into those grown in UK and those grown in the rest of the world. We then focused on writing a list of foods with were ready for eating in each of the UK seasons. 


Preparing and baking a savoury dish

In our groups we took on kitchen roles to chop and dice vegetables. We made sure every child had a turn at each of the roles. If we noticed someone struggling with the knowledge to dice, we stepped in to modelled it for them so they could improve their abilities. 

Textiles - evaluations

We worked in small groups to evaluate our cutting, sewing and finishing quality. Our team gave us suggestions of areas of development. 

Analysing existing products

Each group was distributed a random selection of clothes. We needed to open them up, discuss what features they had an find all of the joins and seams.