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In our history topic, we learnt all about Boudicca and her rebellion against the Romans. 

We watched a short clip about how she attempted to defeat the Romans. The children then had a choice of how they wanted to retell the story of Queen Boudicca.

they could either produce a story/diary entry, produce a comic strip or produce an acrostic poem. 

For our Art, year 3 have been looking at portraits of past Kings and Queens. After sketching out Henry VIII, the children then had a choice of what King or Queen they would like to draw and shade next.

This time, the children had to concentrate more on the shading using the different sketching pencils. We looked at how H pencils were lighter and B pencils were darker. The children had to choose which pencil to use for what areas of the King or Queen's portrait. 

This piece of work was part of Year 3's parent lesson afternoon - so many of the children worked with their family member on the sketching and on the shading.