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Week 14 - DT

Here are our finished products. We have 33 different cards because we all made choices about the front designs and the placement of our circuits inside the card.

Week 12 - DT

When designing our light up Christmas cards there were many opportunities for us to have choice. Firstly we could describe upon the orientation of our card. Then we got to design our own front picture. We had analysed existing Christmas cards available to purchase and used these to inform us about our own designs. We then had to make decisions about where to put the light bulb within our picture. 

We had been studying Lowry’s style and practising how to draw with perspective and scale. We then learnt how to use watercolour paint. These are our finished pieces using all of our knowledge. 

Week 1 - PSHE

We talked as a class about our rights and responsibilities. We made the choice to have one rule to focus on, we chose RESPECT. Then we listed the ways we could demonstrate our respect. we’ve now got the choice to follow these rules.