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Week 14 - DT

Our newly acquired science knowledge has linked with our DT knowledge allowing us to create a functional


Week 12 - DT

We have been using our knowledge of what makes an attractive card to design our own Christmas cards. Integrated into this sequence of learning, we have used our scientific knowledge about electric circuits. Our cards have been designed both on the front and inside. 

Week 5 - PE hockey

Each week we are building our in depth knowledge of skills and techniques that will enable us to become successful hockey players. In today’s lessons we learnt how to complete a block tackle. 

Later in the lesson we put our knowledge to practise and used this block in our game. We know that this is a great move to stop the ball from being passed between our opponents. 

Week 4 - PE hockey

This week we used our knowledge of Indian dribble and push pass from previous lessons to begin moving with the ball and passing at the same time. This really helped our team game we had at the end of the lesson. We played in small teams against each other and learnt about the word opponent. We are getting better each week.