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Leading in Teams

At the start of the new 2020 year, we have been lucky enough to already work with two different sport coaches. 

We have worked with Mike - working on different ball skills and multi-skills we can use in any kind of invasion game. 

We have also worked with Danny - looking at cricket in particular. We have looked at batting, bowling overarm, bowling underarm and working on our throwing and catching to improve our aim and technique. 

We have enjoyed working in teams with the different coaches and have been lucky enough to take part in lots of new games and activities. 

In our History section of our new topic - History of Great Britain - the children needed to know the Legacy of the Romans. 

We had a talk as a class about what things we still have today, the Romans created or the Romans made better. 

In teams, the children were given a different area to look at from the Roman Legacy. Then, as a team they presented their findings to the class and became the teachers. 

The children created a group project on the following areas: 

  • Roads/Concrete 
  • Calendar
  • Central Heating
  • Drains/Toilets/Sewage systems
  • Religion - Christianity
  • Language - Reading/Writing - Latin/Alphabet/Roman numerals
  • Coins/money
  • Architecture 


Below are some pictures of some of the groups presenting their work as the class teaching to educate the other children about what they had been researching.