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Practical Learning

The children had lots of fun during out 'Eid Themed Day'.  As part of our day we explored the importance of food as part of Eid celebrations and how family's come together to share food. The children were given a recipe for chapattis and had to work as a team to gather their ingredients and measure out the appropriate amounts. They then worked to knead the mixture to create a dough. The team leaders had to ensure that all children were involved and that the recipe was followed correctly. The children enjoyed creating their chapattis and cooking them in class.

We have been practically exploring compass points and how a compass works. The children practiced giving directions using only compass points.


We have been using this knowledge and knowledge we have learnt around grid referencing to create maps of our school grounds. 

We have been working practically to experiment with different instruments. We then worked as a class to complete a composition. Please see the link below.

We have been exploring shadows and how/ why shadows are formed. We have been looking at different materials and what shadows they create, investigating if a material is; opaque, transparent or translucent. This has involved lots of practical lessons exploring creating shadows using torches and different objects. We have also been looking at the art of Chinese Shadow puppetry.  The children worked in teams to develop and perform their own Shadow puppet show.


Follow the below link to see the finished puppet shows.