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Year 4

Year 4 started off by completing the special edition Picture News looking at how the poppy has changed over the years. We then created our own version of a poppy and also thought about what other symbols could be used to show remembrance.

Then year 4 studied the poem In Flanders Fields and unpicked what the words meant. We then had a go at creating our own poems in the style of In Flanders Fields using our own words about Remembrance Day as well as some from the original poem.

Year 5

In year 5 we read through In Flanders Field. We discussed the emotive language and then chose words we felt told the history behind the poem in the best way. We also read a news article from last year and completed some comprehension questions. 

Year 6

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Year 6 have read some free verse poems and used the remembrance theme to create their own.

First we created a wash with three different coloured paints. the represents the sunset. We then created silhouettes using black paper and used cotton buds to create poppies on the ground.