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Leading in Teams

In Maths we were working as a team to decide which container held the most.  We were predicting which one and then counting accurately to find out.

The children have been playing a game with their partners for building numbers beyond 10. One had to close their eyes whilst the other one made a number.  Then the child that had their eyes opened and told them what number they had made.  They talked about what they could see.

I can see 10 and 4 and it makes 14. Aaryan

I can see 10 and 1 and that makes 11. Kiki

You have made 12 and that is 10 and 2. Emily


Today the children have been playing a game involving counting above ten.  One group had to count around the circle until they got to 13 and then that person sat down.  The game carried on until there was one person left. We also played a game of What’s the Time Mr Wolf? We had to count up to 12.