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Leading in Teams

The children worked in teams to choose a line of enquiry for Science related to magnets. The children worked together to develop and complete their own experiment to answer their question. 


Each team had a designated 'team leader', who was responsible for ensuring the preparation before the experiment was completed and that each member of the team participated and stayed on task. 


'I don't know how you handle being a teacher Miss Clarkson, you have 32 children to lead and I only had 2. It was frustrating but enjoyable at the same time', Merry. 


'I found being a leader quite hard because you had to make sure everything was right. I liked doing it because I was able to help people', Isabelle. 


'It was fun being a leader but it was also hard because you had to make sure everything was right', Lily. 


'I was having fun being a leader because I got to help people and I got to lead what question we chose', Archie


Have a look at the below link to see more information about our experiments.