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In Year 1, we have been completing Book Talk activities as part of our homework. At the start of each half term, the children are given a selection of activities linked to a book. Last half term we the activities were linked to Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers. Activities included: finding out information about penguins, writing a story about how the penguin ended up at the boy's door, making a model penguin and testing objectives to investigate whether they floated or sank. The children really enjoyed showing their peers the activities that they had completed and it was lovely to see them so engaged about a story. We are looking forward to completing our next set of Book Talk activities based on Meerkat Mail.

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Reading in class

Harry The Happy Mouse


At the start of September, Year 1 had a special visitor! A strange, yellow house arrived in our classroom and we made predictions about who it might belong to. 

We discovered that it was Harry the mouse and he had come to share some special stories with us. We have been doing some fantastic writing about Harry over the course of this half term. 

The children described Harry the Happy Mouse. We thought about how we could describe his tail, body, ears, nose and eyes.

Harry went missing! The children created a missing poster describing Harry the mouse using capital letters and full stops. 

Year 1 were very fortunate to have a Zoom Call with Nathan, the author of Harry the Happy Mouse. The children enjoyed asking Nathan about life as an author, what Harry would do in his next adventure as well as their own stories that they had written. The children thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt a lot about life as an author. 

A strange parcel arrived in Year 1 today! We made predictions about what or who might be inside the mysterious box. At the end of our lesson, we opened the parcel to discover it was Sunny the meerkat who had travelled all the way from the Kalahari Desert to visit us. We are looking forward to reading Meerkat Mail and about Sunny's adventures this half term. 

Christmas books arrive from Father Christmas!

Today Year 1 had a visit from Father Christmas and he left behind some very special presents for Year 1. The children really enjoyed opening their books and are very excited to read them.