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Eco Explorers

The Eco Explorers Club aims to encourage children to develop an interest and enthusiasm for nature and the outdoors. The sessions include a variety of play-based, educational activities which may include: scavenger hunts, creative woodland crafts, fireside cooking, shelter building and much more. The activities are all suitable to the age and capabilities of the group and will depend to some extent on the interests of the children.


This week, we discussed the rules and boundaries of the club. We understood that in order to be trusted to do lots of exciting activities, we need to be good listeners and work together as a team.

We played a game called "123 where are you?" as a starter activity then began searching for leaves to create leaf crowns with. We used a piece of willow to create the crown then tied leaves on.


This week we used our leaves to make a leaf mobile. We learnt how to do a clove hitch and a square lash to create the frame.


This week we used our observation skills to search for wildlife on the school grounds. Some of us looked for animal tracks, others looked for birds and others looked for animal homes.


This week we used our observation skills to find as many different natural objects as we could. The winner was the person with the most items (they had to all be different). Most things we found were leaves so we worked together to identify them. We also tried a hammock for the first time too.


This week we have been looking for the perfect stick to whittle. Wee had a look at the scout rules for using a knife and came up with some of our own. We have found our sticks to whittle next week.



This week we had a free choice week. Some of us worked in teams to make animals shelters, some of us went on a scavenger hunt and some made natural art.

Making an animal shelter

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