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Year Two

Tuesday 7th November 2023 - Self Esteem 


In today's Character Education we learnt about the word 'self esteem,' we thought about why we like ourselves and learning how to be proud of the things we do. 





We listened to the story of 'Daisy the glass doll.' During the story we had to think about how Daisy was feeling throughout the story and how we can help to develop her self esteem. 


'Other characters in the story were being mean to Daisy and making her feel upset because she was different to them.' - Ali 


'Daisy was feeling upset because people didn't want to be her friend.' - Jaxon


'No one likes her so that made her sad.' - Henry 

At the end of the story Daisy meets a shoemaker and he helped to boost her self esteem and that made her feel happy because he showed her some shoes that were unique like her and told her to believe in herself. 



After reading the story, we reflected on our learning at thought what we learnt from Daisy:

- 'We are all different and unique.' - Alesha 

- 'We are all different and should be proud of who we are.' - Millie 

- 'We all made different choices.' - Bhuvan 

- 'We should believe in ourselves.' - Ali 


We then completed an activity. On a piece of paper we wrote about what makes us different to everyone else in the class. We then folded the paper in half and we had to guess who wrote the statement. 

To continue our learning we took part in some physical activities outside. 

Tuesday 14th November 2023 - Kindness 


During today's workshop we learnt to recognise how to be kind, how we can be kind to others when we play a game and how we can show kindness. 

We began by listening to a story about showing kindness.

At the end of the story we thought about why the sweet witch was showing kindness. 

‘The sweet witch was kind in the story because she wanted to be helpful to everyone.’ - Bhuvan 

‘She was sweet because she saved everyone by turning the mountain into sweets.’ - Emily 

After listening to the story and watching the video, we thought about what the word ‘kind’ means. 


‘Kind means you are helping others and treating the people you want to be treated’ - Alesha 

We then wrote kind words on a paper folded it up and we put in in a basket in our worry area, so next time when someone is upset they can pick one up cheer them up.



We then played a game which required us to be kind and help one another. 

Tuesday 21st November 2023 - Teamwork

During today’s workshops we learnt about what the word ‘Teamwork’ means and how we can develop our skills to work as a team. 

Firstly we listened to the story ‘The king and the castle.’ After reading the story we discussed how various people in the story helped the king throughout the story. 


We then thought about what the word teamwork means?

‘Working with others to helps someone’ - Ali

We then received a challenge where each table got some puzzles and we had to work together to create the puzzles. 

We played a pirate game where we had to be work in teams to show kindness 

We then played a ‘get rid of the dirty washing’ game, where we had to get rid of the dirty washing by working as a team and throwing it into our opponents teams. 

Tuesday 28th November 2023 - Resilience 


We learnt about what resilience means, how we can be resilient and how we can be resilient when playing games.


‘Resilience mean not giving up’ - Millie 


‘Never give up even when things get too hard’ - Bhuvan 

We then listened to a story called ‘The I can’t monster’

We learnt that when things get too tricky we should believe that ‘I can I can I can’ do anything.



Task 1

We had to show resilience by trying to pick the counter using 2 pencils, we had to maintain being positive and believe that I CAN I CAN I CAN.

Task 2

We played a game where we had to show resilience and dodge past the enchanted trees.

We then played a game called Dragon’s Cave. We had to tiptoe to steal the treasure.

Tuesday 5th December 2023 - Positivity 


We learnt about what being positive means, what positively looks like and how we can be positive when playing games.

We first read the story ‘The rabbit and the dog.’ 

At the end of the story we discussed what the characters were doing during the story. 

‘The dog was making excuses.’ - Mille 

‘He gave up because he couldn’t do it.’ - Heidi 

‘The dog was being negative,’ - Ali 


‘The rabbit was being positive and she found her carrot.’ - Ava 

‘The rabbit didn’t give up and carried on finding the carrot.’ - Bhuvan 


Task 1 - Can you put the emojis in the correct place? 

We first had to name the emoji that appeared on the screen, we then had to decided if that emoji is a positive feeling or negative feeling. 

if we thought it was a positive feeling we put our hands on our heads and if it’s a negative feeling we put our hands on our shoulders.

We finished off by playing a final game, where we had to showcase all the skills which we learnt during the 5 weeks. 

After completing 5 weeks of our Healthy Heads sessions, we all received a congratulations certificate and on this we had to write about 1 thing that we have learnt.