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Real Life


As part of our research topic in our Human Body unit, we created a fact file about a sportsman or woman of our choice. 

Before we gathered our information, we looked at how some search engines and websites are not as reliable as others and things like Wikidpedia we cannot trust as this can be changed by anybody. 

We then discussed how we filter our searches on the internet by focussing on key words of what we want to find out. 


Within our Human Body topic we have been looking at the artist - Antony Gormley. 

He is most well-known for his famous sculpture in the North East of England - The Angel of the North. 


We created our own sculptures in the style of Antony Gormley - looking at how the foundations of our sculpture needed to be strong to hold the weight. 


We created different poses with our sculptures - some standing, some lying down, some dancing and also some in the style of the angel. 


To start our new Geography and History topic of Stone Age to Iron Age, we looked at the local area around our school to complete some fieldwork. We looked at what human and physical geography we could see to then compare this to how life would have been like back in the Stone Age period.