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Supporting your child's reading

Encouraging your child to read regularly at home is also a great way to support their reading journey. In Year 3 we read each morning without fail for ten minutes and finding another opportunity to read for ten minutes each day at home would provide the children with fantastic opportunities to widen their knowledge of vocabulary and practise reading for speed.

Reading with parents lesson:

The children enjoyed sharing their experiences of ‘The Iron Man’ with their parents. We worked together to complete a range of reading comprehension tasks based on Chapter 2. 

We have asked Year 3 parents for books which they enjoyed reading as a child and they would recommend to other people. Here are some of the suggested books. 

Books my child can use

Here is a selection of texts which we use in Year 3.

Reading in class

At the end of each half term teachers analyse the data on the Accelerated Reader programme to see how many words the children have read. This is generated through counting of the words in books that the children have taken quizzes on and passed. 

In Autumn 1 31 of our KS2 children had read over 50,000 words. 

We read a letter about our upcoming virtual reality lesson. Some of the children were very excited about what they had read.

Following on from our remembrance assembly, we completed and independent task where we had to read instructions to design our own memorial garden in the style of ‘The Glade’.

Our Class Reading Corner and Book Selection

We finished our praise and worship assembly by reading the Lord’s Prayer together.