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PE - underarm throw and strike from a tee

Before putting knowledge into a game context we learnt to strike from a tee or drop feed and practised our underarm bowl. We were able to do this on our own using a partner to advise us on how we could improve. 

“You need to let go of the ball a bit higher Navyaan then the ball will go further.” James 


“Remember to use the flat side of the bat.” Navyaan

DT - preparing and cooking with a heat source

Children followed the recipes they had researched for homework. They diced tomatoes, red onions and cucumbers to create a Greek salad. Allows yeast to bubble to create bread dough, shaped it and cooked it to make pittas. The children blended chick peas, olive oil, lemon juice and paprika to make their own hummus. 

Art - modifying and adapting printing

Children chose items from the school grounds that had a clear shape to them. They tried printing them in books first to check the shapes created and ensure they liked the paint colours they had mixed. Some shapes needed moving or different items using if the textures and patterns weren’t clear enough.