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Real Life

Autumn 1 - Computing 

For lesson 3 of our Networks and Systems unit, we compared popular search engines. We decided on a general term we will all search - this term was “brown puppies”. 
We used the 5 different search engines and looked at what the top result was for all of them, if there were any adverts from the search on that search engine and anything that was interesting about that search engine. These were things like how many results there were altogether and if the search was tracked or not. 

Autumn 1 - English

Our English genre this half term is novels of a theme. Our novel of choice is The Midnight Fox by Betsy Byars. As part of this unit we will be debating for or against fox hunting which relates to Uncle Fred going after the fox that Tom observes regularly. Before we started our debate, we researched all about fox hunting. We gathered facts about its origin, its history and why it is it either banned or allowed if different countries. 


We then created a speech using our information we had gathered ready for our debate. We were told by Miss Smith if we were either for or against fox hunting. After we had created our speech, we then transferred this speech onto cue cards. 

Autumn 1 - PSHE

Please follow the link below and scroll down to see the work Year 5 completed to celebrate the life of Queen Elizabeth II