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Year 3

w/c 27.06.22


"Our picture news this week is about everyone and everything choosing to be different."

"Scientists have discovered that less attractive fish are becoming extinct quicker than more attractive fish."

"The less attractive fish are going extinct because we humans don't care about protecting them as much"

"If a fish is as colourful as Nemo, it is more likely to be looked after."

“I think that our school willow arch is beautiful”

”I think the never ending green grass is beautiful.”

“We all have individual Liberty to choose what we do and what we we want to look like.”

”Individual Liberty means that we all have freedom and we all have choice.”

”We have a school driver called ‘Choice’ and this means that we get to choose what we want to learn about in school.’

W.K 19.09.22


"This week we have been looking at King Charles III and how he will know reign over the country." 

"We have been watching the hours long queue of people to see our former queen."

"I think the new king will look after the world and treat everyone equal just like the queen did."

"I think that the new king will show everyone compassion and help everyone."

W.K 17.10.22

We have been looking at 'Individual Liberty' and who should decide the consequence if we do something wrong. We looked at the news of Lidl and Lindt.


'Lidl shouldn't have copied Lindt, they should learn from their mistakes and not do it again. They shouldn't have all of their chocolate melted.' 

'Lidl should be made to sell the chocolate that they have made and not make any more.'

'I think that the court should be allowed to decide the consequence so that there is no arguing about the decision and it is fair.' 

WK 21.11.22

This week we have been looking at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. 

What can football teach us?

”Football can teach us to be kind to everyone and to work together as a team.”

”Football helps us to learn many skills such as teamwork and being compassionate.”

“Football teaches us to have Mutual Respect. This is one of our British Values.”


WK 23.01.23

This week we have been looking at influencers and the role they play in our decision making. We have discussed different types of influencers and the reasons people might want to be an influencer. 

“Sometimes, people might say that a product is really good because they are being paid to promote it. It might not actually be a good product.”


”Just like the prime drink, products will be a lot more popular if a famous person is telling us to buy it.” 

“We should all use our individual liberty to decide if we want to buy a product, it should be our choice and not someone else’s.”


This week’s story’s is about a charity which has encouraged people to help train and raise guide dogs for those in need. Since the charity has begun asking for help, over 5000 people have stepped forward and said that they will house a trainee guide dog. Without these people, there wouldn’t be enough guide dogs for those in need. 

“Our British Value this week is Mutual Respect and Tolerance because if the volunteers didn’t have mutual respect for those in need, there wouldn’t be enough guide dogs.”