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World Cup 2022


In Nursery we are beginning to know that we live in a country called England and finding this on a world map. Dara was able to say that the World Cup is in place called Qatar. We made some England flags too before one of the games. 

Year 1


In Year 1 we looked at the continents of the world. We then looked at where Quatar is in the world.

Year 3

Our World Cup team has been France. We have been keeping up with the France World Cup scores and looked at the location of France on a map. We have been identifying the similarities and differences between French and English physical and human characteristics. 

Year 4

In Year 4 we have linked our Geography knowledge on location and place. We also looked at features and climate. We looked at the location of the countries and compared their features using atlases, digital maps, non-fiction books and websites. We then used our knowledge of nouns and masculine/feminine to read some information about le coupe du monde and translate a paragraph about players and their positions. 

Year 6 have developed their locational knowledge on specific countries of the world cup. 

Each child within class was given a particular country to research and find out facts which included: 

The language spoke

The continent it is within 

The currency used

The World Cup history 

The latitude and longitude position

Have a look at what we found.