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Outdoor Learning

We used our outdoor environment to work in groups and experiment with instruments. Please see the below link.
We have been using our outdoor space to explore shadows and to find patterns in the way shadows changed. We were lucky enough to have a lovely sunny day and were able to measure our shadows at three different points in the day; 9am, 1pm and 3pm. This enabled the children to compare the shadows and led to discussion around what happened to our shadows and why we think this happened.
We spent time outdoor exploring forces and investigating how objects move on different surfaces. The children worked in groups to test the same objects on three different surfaces; the grass, the playground and the tennis table. We then worked as a class to collate our results and discuss out findings.

The children have been learning about the Stone Age and how cave paintings were an important historical source. We have used the outdoor area to explore what it was like to create a cave painting. We use coloured chalks similar to the colours used by people of the Stone Age, and created our own 'cave paintings'. The children realised how difficult it was to add detail when using the outdoor environment to draw onto. 


'It helped me realise how the Stone Age people felt when they were painting. The floor was rough and it was hard to draw so I bet they felt frustrated,' Adam. 


'It helped me to understand how the Stone Age people communicated with each other. I learnt how it felt to use an age old method and feel the texture of the material,' Oliver.