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Within our French lessons, we have been learning numbers, body parts and colours in French to be able to build sentences to describe our monster we have created. 

The children created their own monster and had a choice of what colour, how many body parts to then form different sentences to describe it. They then wrote this in English and translated, using their knowledge, into French.  


After we had taken part in the boot camp that Miss Smith set up for us, we then had chance to create our own in groups of 4. We wrote down what 6 exercises we wanted in our own boot camp and then instructions of how to do them. 

It was up to us what exercises we wanted in our boot camp whether we wanted to focus on muscle groups - such as the plank to work on our core or concentrate on our fitness for example sprinting. 


Finishing our Human Body topic and linking to our PSHE of healthy eating, we used some fruit and veg to create some art work. We used the technique of printing. 

We cut the fruit or veg in half and created patterns using the different ones. 

We had a choice of different fruit and veg to use and we could chose what colours we wanted to use for our  printing artwork.