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Ancient Greek Workshop

We had a visitor in to teach us about Ancient Greek life. 


He first taught us about how Ancient Greeks are still in our life today. We learnt that a fifth of the words in our English language are from Greek. The word hydrate comes from the Greek word Hydra. 


We learnt about syphons which are used in toilet flushes. It was invented by Pythagorus  and he used a syphon in a wine cup at his parties to stop guests from having too much to drink. 


By Maryam and Lois

Grinding corn to make flour

Trying on Ancient Greek attire

Some of the amour was uncomfortable and heavy so you could not run well with it on. The amour was made from layers of linen and glue (made from boiled sheep hooves). The togas were quite simple but relied on pins to hold it all together. 

Learning how the women used to weave

This was more simple than the weaving we learnt about in the Victorian times because that was mechanical so it worked faster. This ancient loom was small and you could only weave slowly. 

Learning how to fish using centrifugal force

Writing our names in Greek