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We have been learning about The Great Fire of London. We have been exploring, ‘Why the fire spread and what they used to try and stop the fire.’ 

In pairs we have been reading the book ‘The Great Fire of London’ to find out what they used. 

During our Great Fire of London topic, we looked at artefacts and objects and had to decide whether they were reliable or unreliable and explain why. We used The Great Fire of London books to help research why certain artefacts/objects were used during the fire or during 1666.

We have been exploring Samuel Pepys Diary, we first read an extract from his diary and then imagined we were Samuel Pepys and wrote a diary entry about our experience of the fire using our 5 senses. 

We have been working in pairs reading to find out what happened to London once the fire was over. We then completed a comparison of how the streets, houses, pipes and St Paul’s cathedral was like before the fire and how the above things changed after the fire and why.